Monday, April 5, 2010

Observations of Opening Day

  1. Santana looks healthy.  He's locating most of the pitches pretty well and he's let a few hang, but got away with them, and Barajas is calling a decent game for him.
  2. I like Francoeur's first AB with him showing a little patience on the breaking balls.
  3. Nice opposite field home run by Wright.  I want to see how he fares in his next AB though.
  4. Mike Jacobs needs to be sent down to triple A, all the strike outs are not worth the occasional power burst. The Mets need someone who can play defense and hit for average, Chris Carter definitely showed that in Spring Training.
  5. I have this sense that this team is hungry. A lot hungrier than they were in 2008 OR 2009, you can just sense it.  
I'll have more after the game.

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